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Book-1: THE BLENDING TIME, October 2011
Book-3: Due late 2012

Fires of the NEW SUN by Michael KinchTHE FIRES OF NEW SUN:

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After weeks of exhaustion and starvation, Jaym and D’Shay have helped dozens of Nswibe refugees cross the harsh African desert under the blazing Savannah sun. At last, they’ve reunited with their friend, Reya, and found safe haven at a New SUN outpost–a cavern fortress hidden in the Blue Mountains. But their troubles are just beginning.

While the New SUN moment is tested by infighting and treachery, the outpost sustains a crippling ‘gade attack. Overcoming the siege is vital–defeat would mean slavery, death, and the end of the Blender program, Africa’s last hope. As the power-hungry ‘gades take aim at crushing the resistance, Jaym, Reya, and D’Shay fight to reunite the splintered factions. And launching a daring counterattack may be their only chance of survival.

The Blending Time by Michael Kinch


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In the year 2069, turning seventeen means mandatory Global Alliance work that range from backbreaking drudgery to deadly labor on the Canal. Trying to survive in a world that’s been ravaged by plagues and environmental disasters, three “s’teeners” from the harshest backgrounds think they’ve gottten lucky. Jaym, Reya, and D’Shay are chosen to be among thousands of Blenders whose task is to help repopulate and rebuild Africa after a devastating solar flare.

But the continent itself–roiling with civil war and mercenaries intent on crushing the Blending Program at any costs–poses the gravest danger. Separated, the three friends struggle to escape the violence and chaos, yet somehow reunite. But will rumors of a mountain sanctuary lead them to safety or cost them their lives?


“Shocking and unrelenting–Kinch delivers a blistering, no-holds-barred tale of a dystopian future that feels all too real.” (Arthur Slade, Governor General Award-winning author of The Hunchback Assignments.)

The Blending Time is reviewed in the Sept 15, 2010 issue of Kirkus Reviews:
A well-realized, harsh dystopia provides the setting for this exciting debut. . . Kinch invents a plethora of abbreviated jargon that heightens the credibility of his awful future world. His three main characters will easily convince readers that they’re real, distinct people. Full of action, this is a compelling, realistic and exciting thriller for more mature young readers. (Science fiction. 14 & up)”
The Blending Time is reviewed in the Nov. 1, 2010 issue of Booklist:
“Set in a dystopian future in which young heroes and heroines are pursued and harassed by corrupt government officials, Kinch’s first novel calls to mind Suzanne Collins and Cory Doctorow. … While this debut title lacks the tight construction of Collins’ Hunger Games series, Kinch’s depiction of the many different landscapes is a nice distinction. Determinedly multi-ethnic, fast-paced, and with plentiful gore and violence, the book will draw reluctant readers who enjoy action and adventure. Sequels are definitely in order, as the protagonists are left hanging on several cliffs.” — Debbie Carton
The Blending Time is also reviewed in School Library Journal Reviews, Feb. 1, 2011:
“Myriad postapocalyptic novels are on the market this year, and at first glance, this seems to be just another one of many. However Kinch’s novel is a frighteningly clear vision of a very possible future . . . Readers who enjoyed Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games (2006) and Joelle Anthony’s Restoring Harmony (2010) may also appreciate this novel.”
Warts by Michael Kinch

Warts by Michael Kinch


WARTS is a book for younger kids and is part of a health series by publisher Franklin Watts. It discusses the three main kinds of warts kids can get: common warts, usually on hands; plantar warts on the bottoms of feet (ouch!); and spotty warts sometimes across the face. It explains the wart virus, how to avoid it, and what options kids to treat their warts.

Although serious, It’s fun as well, with such folk wisdom as this remedy:
“Rub your warts with a black snail. Rub nine times in one direction and then nine times in the other direction. Stick the snail on a blackthorn bush. The warts will begin to die as the snail rots.” (Don’t try this at home!)
Between the writing of these two books, I decided to tackle articles and essays for the magazines AMERICAN ARTIST and WATERCOLOR. It was fun interviewing the artists and challenging to make an interesting article from a flat interview. Some artists were great to chat with, but with others it was like pulling teeth to get them to say more than “yes” or “no” to my questions. After maybe 40 some articles over a several-year period, I decided a working on a novel would be more creative and challenging. After writing a couple of halfway decent novels that didn’t get published, I finally found a patient agent who helped me shape THE BLENDING TIME into a real book. Thank God for hardworking agents!